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About: Aprilia

Aprilia is the motorcycle manufacturer based in Noale, province of Venice, Italy. This is the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. Its genius technology and engineering decisions, design and passion are the qualities that drove this company to become one of the leaders in Europe.

Aprilia produces models that range from 50 all the way up to 1200 cc engines. This company is always on top of its game. They are using their newest technological ideas in the developmental process. For example, they were the first to install a catalytic converter on their scooters. Aprilia also invented and mass produced the RSV4 engine – the only V-shaped 4 cylinder racing engine that is installed at a 60 degree angle. They also developed fuel injection technology for the cable engine (2-stroke engine) Ditech. Year after year, Aprilia continues to improve its style in design as well as in the engineering.

Aprilia is actively participating in the races. They have 52 champion titles. Because of its active participation in races, the company is able to analyze its motorcycles and come up with engineering solutions to improve them.

History: Aprilia

Since the company's establishment in 1945, Aprilia was focused on the production of bicycles for the country that was destroyed during the World War II. At that time, bicycles were the most convenient type of transportation.

In 1968, the new CEO (the son of the founder) stepped up and started the development of the machinery. First were the mopeds that had 50 cc engines. A couple year later, they were manufacturing and producing three different models in high volumes. One of the most successful models was an off-road motorcycle called Scarabeo.

In 1975, Aprilia showed its interested in sport motorcycles. And only two years later, Aprilia racers won the Italian Championship in the 125 and 250 cc engine categories. This race set up the pace for the Aprilia rides, who were in the lead on a regular basics during the races. It shows that the company set themselves up for a great success.

In the 90's Aprilia built a factory to manufacture the engines, and introduced variator to their scooter branch. In 1993, Aprilia developed the Scarabeo scooter. It became bestselling scooter all over the world. Later, the company decided to develop Scarabeo into its own brand. In addition, during that time, Aprilia was collaborating with BMW on the development of the BMW F650. This BMW model was modified Aprilia Pegaso (the best seller on the enduro market in Europe).

Nowadays, Aprilia is part of Piaggio.

Models: Aprilia

In Italian “mile” means 1000, and this is how big is the legendary engine of the sport motorcycle Aprilia RSV4 mile. This size of the engine is the requirement at the Moto-GP races. These type of the V-twin engines are unique and are exceptional when going uphill. Many motorcycles have this type of the engine within the Aprilia motorcycle branch. For example, CapoNord (urban sports touring motorcycle with enduro technologies), Dorsoduro (supermoto), and Shiver (naked). There is also a exclusive model – Aprilia Mana - which has an optional of hand shifter, as well as an automatic transmission. All motorcycles have great Brembo breaks, a unique weigh distribution system, and are easy to control. Aprilia is the only manufacturer of off road motorcycles for mass production with V-Twin engines, such as SX models (motocross) and MX models (supermoto).

Service: Aprilia

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