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About: BMW

BMW Motorrad AG (Bavarian motorcycle engine plant) creates a huge variety of impressive and powerful motorcycles. Since the moment they started manufacturing motorcycles in 1923, BMW was on top of the engineering innovations. The machinery design, engines, and engineering quality are always striving for the top.

The main feature of BMW motorcycles has always been its boxer engine. Many other company are producing this engine nowadays because of its great capabilities and unique features. Max Friz came up with a sensational idea to place the cylinders cross-wide to get better air cooling. This invention became a phenomenon in the world of motorcycle engineering and became the main feature of BMW motorcycles since 1923.

History: BMW

BMW was established in 1916. From 1916 to 1923, the company was manufacturing engines for airplanes, trucks, and boats.

In 1920, the first boxer engine was invented. It became a hit among the German motorcycle manufacturers.

In 1923, BMW decided to break through into the world of vehicle manufacturing; and the R32 motorcycle was produced. The R32 weighed only 120 kilos, was able to go faster than 90 km/h, had 500 cc engine, and 8 ½ horse power. At that time, this was the easiest to control motorcycle due to its low center of gravity. This motorcycle was also very popular on the market despite its high price because of its reliability and build quality.

In 1925, BMW modernized and rebuilt the famous engine. It was still 500 cc, but now it had 16 horse power which allowed the company to step into the world of motor sports. Shortly after, in 1929, a BMW motorcycle set a new speed record at 216 km/h – 10 km/h faster than the previous record.

In 1935, the first telescopic fork was invented by BMW engineers. Prior to that, leaf spring were used as a shock absorbing element. Nowadays, it is impossible even to imagine a motorcycle without the telescopic fork.

After World War II, because of the indemnity, all the factories were removed from Germany. However, BMW was able to restart the manufacturing process of the pre-war motorcycle model the R24 using rented equipment in 1948.

BMW Motorrad has a spectacular sports history full of triumph and engineering and design breakthroughs. Without BMW vehicles, the world of motorcycles would be dull and boring.

Models: BMW

BMW engineers invented and produced many outstanding vehicle models. Some of the examples are:

– Motorcycle BMW R80GS was the first enduro motorycle that was just as great on the road, as well as off road

– Motorcycle BMW R100GS that has the signature suspension PARALEVER

– Motorcycle BMW HP4 that has the innovative suspension TELELEVER

– Motorcycle BMW R1200C is the cruiser motorcycle that turned any ordinary ride into an adventure.

– Motorcycle BMW HP4 which is a great example of the perfect sports bike

Service: BMW

Last but no least – service and maintenance. It is very important to maintain you vehicle. The more complex the vehicle is the more maintenance it requires. On our website, we did our best to make your search for spare parts, tuning, and outfits as easy as possible. You are able to search by Part Number and compare prices from multiple sellers on one page. We hope you enjoy our website.

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