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About: Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Motor Company is an American motorcycle manufacturer that was established in Milwaukee, WI in 1903 by William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, and William A. Davidson. It specializes on producing heavy-weight cruisers. One of the distinctive features of this company is that they have created not only a motorcycle, but a whole new lifestyle. Besides the famous motorcycles, they also produce a huge variety of memorabilia for their fans – clothing, furniture, dishes, and much more to bring the brand into the everyday life. Anyone who buys a Harley has an option to become a member of HOG (Harley Owners Group). Today, this motorcycle club is the largest in the world.

History: Harley Davidson

In 1901, William Sylvster Harley, at 22 years old, built a 115 cc engine. During the next couple of years, he and his friend Arthur Davidson were working on the motor-bicycle in their friends garage. When this vehicle was completed, it was clear that the engine would not be able to even climb the hills of Milwaukee.

In 1903, they started working on the new motorcycle with 405 cc engine. The friends got help from one of the most respectable engineers in USA – Ole Evinrude. As a prototype, they used the frame from the 1903 Milwaukee Merkel. With all these additions, they were able to built the motorcycle.

In 1905, the men started selling their motorcycles that they assembled in the small shed. In 1906, Harley and Davidson built its first factory. The size of the building was only 216 square meters. By 1907, Harley graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, with a mechanical engineering degree. That same year, they added a second floor to their factory and started selling their single-cylinder motorcycles to the local police departments. At the same time while this was going on, the men engineered their signature Harley Davidson V-Twin engine. In 1914, Harley Davidson became the leader of the motorcycle market. In 1916, the military in Mexico were using their motorcycles to attack US towns that were close to the border. When the First World War began, Harley Davidson started selling their motorcycles to the military of the Great Britain. In 1917, the US army placed a purchase order for these motorcycles as well. By 1920, Harley Davidson became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Models: Harley Davidson

Every Harley Davidson motorcycle is a unique piece of machinery. They have created motorcycles for every rider. For example, the Sportster is the motorcycle for Harley Davidson beginners. This is an introduction to this exciting community. It is very well priced and is light-weight. Dyna is the perfect motorcycle if you want to explore the world of Big Twin motorcycles. This model is very popular among Harley Davidson riders because of its engine specifications. It has a special rubber mounted feature to decrease the vibration while riding. According to the Harley Davidson fans, the Softail is the most aesthetically beautiful motorcycle because it has a rear-wheel suspension thats hidden in the frame. V-Rod is not a traditional Harley Davidson motorcycle branch. These motorcycles were created for the young riders who would like to get something more exciting than the traditional Harley Davidson bike. Touring motorcycles are the best for the lengthy journeys. They have large and strong windshield, spacious storage, and unique entertainment system. Trike is a Harley Davidson comfort motorcycle with three wheels. The newest branch is are their Street motorcycles. These bikes were developed to ride in the cities with heavy traffic mainly for the Asian and European markets. One of the distinctive features of these bikes is that they have their turn signal switch on the left side. Harley Davidson has an exclusive service for the owners of their motorcycles - CVO (Custom Vehicles Operations). This is a special division that customizes Harley Davidson motorcycles. Everything is done by hand and in very limited quantities. The engineers and mechanics carefully select unique accessories that are installed by hand. They also create interesting colors pallets and images that are painted by hand as well. This makes all the CVO motorcycles exclusive and inimitable, just like a painting. One of the attributes that unites all these CVO motorcycles is the most powerful engines manufactured by Harley Davidson.

Service: Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycles are great motorcycles which typically only need to be cleaned and polished. However, if your motorcycle breaks or just needs simple maintenance, we would be happy to see you on our website. You will be able to find everything necessary for your motorcycle at the best possible price. We are always open to help you and your friends find a great deal.

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