About: Honda

Honda Motor Co., Ltd is an international industrial company that is famous for its cars and machinery (such as, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs, watercrafts, and even lawn mowers). This company was named after the founder Soichiro Honda. He started his business in 1948. The Japanese government was quite concerned about this new and upcoming establishment. They thought that it would just add unnecessary competition to the fragile post-war economy of Japan.

Honda has a huge variety of machinery. It has the highest volume of production and manufacturing of motor vehicles in the world. The company even modifies designs and engineering processes of their models based on the country they are planning to sell them. In some instances, Honda doesn't sell certain models in certain countries.

History: Honda

Honda also earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records:

The legendary motorcycle Honda Magna V65 set the speed record at 278 km/h and became the fastest power cruiser in mass production. The engine of these motorcycle is very powerful and has a high torque at low rpm.

Honda's lawnmower also set a speed record at 187,7 km/h. It was the average speed that was calculated after two tries. This was not the ordinary mower, but a specially built one. Regardless of its speed capabilities, the machine still had to be able to cut the grass. This was the main condition to set the record.

Honda's scooter Today got a record as well. The riders traveled 809 km in 24 hours on a 50 cc scooter.

Models: Honda

Another huge achievement of the Honda engineers is the Goldwing Motorcycle. This is the first bike that had a frontal airbag.

In addition, Honda has strong sports models that successfully participate in multiple races and rallies, as well as in enduro and cross.

Service: Honda

Regardless of Honda's loud achievements, we know that even the best vehicles need maintenance. Honda's motor vehicles have a great reputation and are very reliable, unfortunately, they still might break. On our website, you will be able to find all the necessary spare parts and motorcycle sites for your favorite Honda model. We hope that you will enjoy how fast and easy it is to find all these on our website; and hope you will be coming back over and over.