About: KTM

KTM Sportmotorcycle AG is an Austrian motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer.

In the past, KTM specialized only in manufacturing off-road motorcycles for enduro, cross, and rally. Nowadays, they are successfully developing their road motorcycles branch. All KTM models have a unique design with dominating color pallet in black and orange which gives these motorcycles a wild sporty look. It is hard to confuse them with the competitors models. KTM recently acquired Husaberg and WP Suspension, this gave the KTM a huge advantage over their competition. Professional racers as well as amateur riders who see a motorcycle not only as a simple ride, but as a miracle with a motor know a great deal about the achievements of these companies.

History: KTM

KTM was established in 1934 by Johann (Hans) Trunkenpolz as a metal workshop. During the World War II, they were in business to repair diesel engines. After the war, the demand was very low for their service, and Hans decided to start manufacturing motorcycles. He started with only 20 employees who were able to produce a motorcycle every three days.

KTM was testing their motorcycles during races. In 1956 the new KTM won the gold medal for the Egon Dornauer team. Later, the company started manufacturing sport motorcycles and bicycles. In 1957, the first KTM moped Mecky was produced. In 1964, they started making scooters, and only a few years later, they already had produced over 42 different models. Unfortunately, sales of scooters and mopeds were decreasing, and KTM had to close this production segment.

In 1988, KTM expanded their operations to USA. But only two years later, they announced their failure in the market and split into 4 different segments.

Models: KTM

KTM has quite a few 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles. The 2-stoke models combine a small engine (no more that 250 cc) and low resources with a perfect power to weight ration for outstanding performance. These qualities make these motorcycles an amazing fit for motor sports. They are often compared to 4-stroke models at sporting events all over the world.

The slogan of this company is “Ready To Race” which undoubtedly fits KTM.

Having so much experience with off road races, KTM developed and manufactured a huge collection of street bikes. The first model was the KTM Super Duke motorcycle which was simply a reinvented and re-engineered copy of their off road motorcycle. This supermoto looks a lot like a KTM cross bike, but has tires, wheels, breaks, and lights comparable to a regular street motorcycle. Later, KTM engineered and produced engines up to 1200cc for this particular line of bikes.

KTM also manufactures motorcycles specially for MOTO-GP races. They are so successful with these particular racing models that they might start using their unique engineering skills and technologies to produce a one of a kind street bike.

Service: KTM

Unfortunately, we all know that even the best pieces of machinery need repairs and regular maintenance. This is also true for all of the KTM models. We all know that KTM spare parts are quite expensive, but with the original parts you know that you are getting the best for you KTM motorcycle or bicycle. On our website, you will be able to find all the necessary spare parts, powerwear, and operating supplies at the best possible prices. We are always happy to see you and your friends on our website.