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About: Scarabeo

Scarabeo is an independent brand of the Italian manufacturer Aprilia. It is also part of the Piaggio company. In 1990, Aprilia decided to start the production of a scooter with large wheels. The goal was to create a scooter for a safe and comfortable city riding that still has the unique Italian design and smooth body lines. The first Scarabeo scooters were a huge success. The company sold more than 750 000 scooters since they began production.

History: Scarabeo

The first Scarabeo scooters were engineered back in 1970. These were small-capacity scrambler/cross motorcycles. They were very popular. The Aprilia engineers were so inspired by the success of this new scooter model, or as they called it scooteretta, that it was decided to spin Scarabeo off into its own brand. Since this brand was created, many competitors started manufacturing similar scooters. Scarabeo scooters have several different models with engines that range from 50 cc up to 500 cc. All Scarabeo scooters have 16'' wheels, exquisite Italian design, and adjusted maneuverability. Early models had two-stroke 50 cc engines. The scooters that were created later had four-stroke 50 cc engines. At first, these vehicles had engines that were manufactured by the Austrian company ROTAX. At the end of 1990's, Aprilia started producing their own engines at a newly-built factory.

Models: Scarabeo

Some might question the production of scooter with two-stroke 50 cc engines because of a few reasons: they have a smaller capacity and are not as green as the modern more powerful engines, and oil has to be added to the gas tank to lubricate the engine. First of all, Scarabeo two-stroke engines have more power than the four-stroke engines because there are only two ignition flashes in the cylinder. One two-stroke engine can be compared to two four-stroke engines with the same power. On the other hand, the four-stroke 100 cc engine is not greener than a two-stroke 50 cc engine. Another point is that this engine has smaller capacity than modern more powerful engines. Modernized two-stroke 50 cc engines are great for the city rider. They can easily go up to 20 000 km and are quite cheap to maintain and fix because they have less parts than a four-stroke engine. The last argument is about adding oil to the gas tank. Before, the driver had to add just the right amount of oil in the tank otherwise engine troubles were inevitable. Nowadays, this problem was fix by adding a special tank to add oil, and the scooter will use just the right amount to inject into the engine to ensure proper maintenance. The only disadvantage of a scooter with small engine is that it is not very comfortable for hill riding because it might take quite a while to get up a hill, especially if there is a second person on the scooter.

Scarabeo also has a line of scooters with high volume and power. They all have fuel injection feature to comply with strict eco-laws. Besides being more eco-friendly, this also helps to save fuel and helps to keep the engine in good shape. The engines that are larger than 300 cc are not necessary for city living because it is almost impossible to use a powerful engine to its full potential on busy streets. However, if rides outside the city are frequent than it might make sense to get a scooter with a larger engine.

Service: Scarabeo

It does not matter if you have a scooter with a two-stroke or a four-stroke engine, sooner or later it will need maintenance or service. Our site is a great tool that will help you to find all the necessary spare parts and operating supplies, such as brake pads, belts, filters, variator weights, etc. It is an easy and quick way to compare prices from multiple sellers for the same exact part. We are always happy to see you and your friends on our page.

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