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About: Vespa

Vespa (in Italian it means wasp) is probably the leading scooter brand in the world. The Vespa brand is owned by the Italian company Piaggio. It was established back in April, 1946 and to this day it has been in high demand and very popular.

History: Vespa

In 1946, Enrico Piaggio, the founder of the company, asked their aircraft engineer Corradino D'Ascanio to create a scooter. The engineer got very creative in the process. He had a few interesting factors at play, which ultimately influence his design . First of all, he was an aviator. Also, during post-war times the European economy was damaged and people couldn't afford any expensive luxury vehicles. These influences were the key to his business strategy, which caused him to develop a new concept for a scooter. As a foundation, he used the aviation concept – simplicity was the key to reach maximum potential. One of the main distinctive features of the first scooter was the frame absence. Instead, it had a body that was made out of pressed metal that was sealed by spot welding. The engine was placed horizontally. The gear box was attached to the engine. Corradino D'Ascanio decided to eliminate the reverse speed, and put the wheel on the end of the output axle. He simplified the engineering by installing a gear shift on the handle-bar and used the engine in place of rear suspension. It was attached to a swing arm. The wheels were small and were overhung, just like in aviation. There were only 2 parts to the wheels to simplify the repair and save money. There was plenty of space on the left side for a spare tire because the engine was placed on the right side of the scooter. The gas tank was under the seat in the rear of the scooter. The weight of this engine with gear box was only 26 kilos. All these innovative techniques and the out of ordinary thinking of Corradino D'Ascanio helped to create this light-weight, simple, and easy to use scooter which was also quite affordable. Because of its low price, it became popular very quickly. Many factories all over the world purchased licenses to produce it.

Models: Vespa

Since 1946, Vespa introduced a number of great scooters. The Vespa 150 VBA scooter was manufactured in 1955. Its unique innovation became the signature feature of all Vespa scooters. This was the admission valve. Vespa 90 SS is a model that was produced from 1966 to 1977. SS stands for Super Sprint. This was a racing scooter. Its body was different from all other Vespa models. The spare wheel was placed between the driver's legs. There was a storage box right above the spare and a soft cushion on top of the box. This cushion was used for additional comfortable support of the driver's body while racing. The driver would lay down on the cushion to decrease the air resistance and gain higher speeds. Another interesting fact is that Vespa scooters were used for the military purposes. A scooter can not only be a way to transport soldiers with weapons, it can become a weapon on its own. It is possible to attach a recoilless cannon and few artillery shells to a scooter. Vespa 150 TAP had a 75-millimeter cannon attached to it. The driver was sitting on top of the cannon which was securely connected to the vehicle. The soldier would come to the specific location and arm the cannon. For example, from his hiding place, he could have destroyed a tank. The driver was able to carry only 7 shots, which was a great accomplishment for a scooter. This specific model was manufactured specifically for French paratroopers in 1956.

Service: Vespa

In 1950's it was common to think that because Vespa scooters were so simple, they did not break. Unfortunately, this is not true even for these legendary vehicles. Every scooter needs regular maintenance and maybe even some repairs. On our website, you will be able to find the best deal for all your Vespa scooter necessities. Our online service is as simple to use as Vespa scooters themselves. Instead of comparing prices on multiple sites, you can find the best price in one place. We cooperate with multiple sellers who post their products on our page. We do the searching for you! All you have to do is choose the one you like the best. We are always happy to see and your friends on our web site.

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