About: Yamaha

Yamaha Motor Company Limited is a Japanese manufacturer of various kinds of machinery such as motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, watercraft, and outboard motors.

Yamaha was founded in 1897 by Torakusu Yamaha as a manufacturer of musical instruments. In 1955, the company was renamed Yamaha Motor and began specializing in the production of machinery. So, how did the producer of musical instruments start manufacturing machinery? During World War II, Japan was in extreme need of wooden airplane propellers. It was clear that Yamaha was the best expert in woodwork at that time. Shortly after, Yamaha started making propellers out of metal; and this experience of working with metal was quite useful not only in the production of musical instruments, but motorcycles as well.

History: Yamaha

The same year that Yamaha Motor was founded, the very first motorcycle named Yamaha YA-1 was produced. Although, this motorcycle was not developed by the company, it won its first race on Mountain Fiji. During 1955, Yamaha sold 125 motorcycles. Nowadays that might not seem like a huge number (considering that more units are manufactured in one day by a single factory in China); but in the middle of the twentieth century this was it a huge success, especially since the company was brand new to the machinery world.

In 1960, Yamaha Motor manufactured their first scooter which had a very nice design.

In 1966, Toyota signed an agreement with Yamaha Motor to develop the engine and the suspension brackets for their sports cars. This showed that Yamaha had highly qualified and experienced engineers and operators.

By 1993, Yamaha Motor produced their first electric bike. It seemed to be just an electric bike with low horse powers, however its quality was very impressive.

Models: Yamaha

In addition, Yamaha Motor developed some well known and popular motorcycles, such as the world famous Yamaha Fazer (know in some counties as FZ), Yamaha Division, and Yamaha VMAX. These motorcycles became popular due to their exceptional capabilities and unique design.

The Yamaha TMAX and the Yamaha JOG are the most popular models within the company's Scooter segment. The Yamaha TMAX is the most powerful and comfortable scooter produced by Yamaha Motor; and the Yamaha JOG has a well established track record.

Yamaha Motor has been very successful during sporting events, such as the MOTO-GP. Yamaha motorcycles have been continuously showing thriving results, which are the outcomes of high end engineering, developmental discipline, and creative thinking. Motocross and enduro motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor can always be seen at the most difficult races on the winners' pedestal.

Service: Yamaha

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